Out-Foxxe’d: A Rosie Peaks Crossover #ComingSoon #CoverReveal

Hey, VIPs! Check out this amazing cover from Talina Perkins @BookinItDesigns! I’m so in love with it. Preorder links should be up shortly and I’ll let you know as soon as they’re live. Until then, check out the blurb below. Rosie was so unprepared for everything Markus brought into her life. But…being #OutFoxxed never felt so good. 

Markus Foxxe is in Eriewood for one reason. His boss wants Rosie Peaks. He doesn’t know why and he shouldn’t care, but after meeting her, there’s no way Markus will hand her over to the highest bidder.

Rosie Peaks left DuFour, Indiana two years ago and found a safe haven away from all things paranormal. Working at Mulcahy’s Pub has been fairly uneventful. Until Markus Foxxe rolled into town in his silk suits with a primal sex appeal that makes her want to spend every night with him banging like a screen door in a hurricane. The only problem is, Rosie isn’t looking for a commitment and Markus seems as though he’s a one-mate kind of guy.

Will Markus change her mind? Or will Rosie find herself on the run again?

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