#ValentinesDay Hop & A Giveaway w/ @MadisonSevier

Welcome to the Valentine’s Day Hop featuring awesome reads and a great grand prize from some of your favorite authors.

Keeping with theme of ‘all things love’, one of my favorite times to read romance is during the month of February. I know there are many people who are by themselves on Valentine’s Day and before I met my husband, I spent many alone myself. So, what did I do to ignore all of the lovey-dovey when I wasn’t feeling it? You guessed it…I escaped into books. Of course, I bought myself some chocolate and had a really great mug of coffee to keep by my side.

Now, I think about how to make sure we celebrate love everyday. That’s the key, I think. Love matters all year long.  Some of the best gifts I’ve ever received were just random things throughout the year. Rocks from the states my husband has been to are my all-time favorite things. I’ve marked them with which state they’re from and the year. How about you?

To enter my #giveaway, comment below with the best, worst or weirdest gift you’ve ever received or given. You’ll be in the running for a Starbucks GC for you or to give to someone else.

To enter to win the Echo Dot, simply click here> a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Valentine’s Blog Hop! The hop will run from February 12, 2017 – February 18, 2017.

1. Visit each blog for a chance to win the author’s personal giveaway
2. Enter for a chance to win an Amazon Echo (open to US participants only)
3. Have fun!
1. A. M. Griffin 7. Haley Jordan 13. Shari Elder
2. Megan Slayer 8. Celia Breslin 14. Siren Allen
3. Dena Garson 9. Jocelyn Dex 15. Jennifer Lowery
4. T.L. Reeve 10. T.M. Cromer 16. Louisa Bacio
5. Kacey Hammell 11. S.J. Maylee
6. Madison Sevier 12. Anise Storm

If you’re looking for a freebie where the lady gets a unique happy ending and finds hope when she thought all was lost, you can grab Anything You Want <3

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Have fun and good luck <3



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Romance… My Way Blog Hop With Scorching Book Reviews:

Happy Valentine’s Day and welcome to one of many stops along the Romance My Way Blog Hop! I hope you’ve had an amazing time hopping from blog to blog, finding out what makes some very talented authors HOT. 
We’ve all seen the different tropes among various authors who try to put their own spin on tried and true romances. Between monster sex and BDSM, there are many different levels and turn-ons. Let’s face it, authors write what they know and you can bet that their favorite turn-ons have at one time or another become part of their stories. That’s how we are able to get so involved. If I can’t feel it as I’m writing it, I know the reader won’t feel it as they’re reading it. 
Valentine’s Day is all about the romance and that’s also the genre I’ve chosen to write in. But, “a man who’s romantic” isn’t the trope I prefer. Surprised? In fact, I’m not a “bring me flowers and chocolate” kind of woman. I’d rather write about hot guys who are a bit rough around the edges. The men in my stories will never be like “well-trained dogs” who follow textbook rules. I prefer them to be more realistic…flaws and all. 

As for the women I write about…most, if not all of them have been screwed over in some way or another. They’ve been used, abused, thrown away and they come back fighting again and again. The women can’t be whiners and after an initial period of all-night ice cream eating, I want them fired up and ready to face the world. They’re strong and sometimes too independent. But, in the end, they always get what they want and need. 

Happy endings? Sometimes, there will be the occasional, predictable “happy ending”, but I’d much prefer to give all of my characters a true-to-life happy ending. I mean, after all…if everyone kisses and gets married at the end, what’s next? I need fireworks and passion with my romances. Unpredictability is the trope I prefer and it’s where I’ve found the majority of my true happiness in real life. So, as long as the main characters come together in a passionate way, I’m happy. To me, bringing that to my stories is the icing on the cake.

Above all else, my heroes and heroines must have and exhibit two things…

Without either of these, there isn’t much holding a story or the lives of the characters together. 

Now, onto a giveaway from me. Up for grabs is Anything You Want, River Jewel Resort Series, Book 1 and a charm bracelet for Valentine’s Day for ONE LUCKY WINNER. All you have to do is follow the rafflecopter instructions below. Come back everyday for more entries. 

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Scorching Book Reviews is also giving away a $50 gift card. So be sure to follow the link to their Rafflecopter:
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Last, but certainly not least…Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing part of your Valentine’s Day with me. I’ve really enjoyed the company!! I wish you happiness and unpredictable romance that rocks your socks off….