#NewRelease: Out-Foxxe’d Is Live

Markus Foxxe is in Eriewood for one reason. His boss wants Rosie Peaks. He doesn’t know why and he shouldn’t care, but after meeting her, there’s no way Markus will hand her over to the highest bidder.

Rosie Peaks left DuFour, Indiana two years ago and found a safe haven away from all things paranormal. Working at Mulcahy’s Pub has been fairly uneventful. Until Markus Foxxe rolled into town in his silk suits with a primal sex appeal that makes her want to spend every night with him banging like a screen door in a hurricane. The only problem is, Rosie isn’t looking for a commitment and Markus seems as though he’s a one-mate kind of guy.

Will Markus change her mind? Or will Rosie find herself on the run again?

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#NewRelease and #Review for Fangs of Anarchy 2–Outlaw Alpha: Justified (Part 5) by @DakotaCassidy

Blurb & Description:

Vampire Liam McConnell was inches away from striking a deal with Angus Sweeten, the foulest, scariest, evilest demon in the land, who holds the key to the synthetic blood Liam’s clan so desperately needs. But that was before Sweeten became sweet on a certain ex-werewolf-turned-vamp. Now the demon wants the impossible. A trade Liam can’t live with…

The synthetic blood formula in exchange for Freya Ashe—Liam’s mate.

With Freya’s ex-pack members calling for her head, a sly she-wolf on the prowl with her own agenda, half his clan turned against him and a shifty demon’s sights set on his mate, Liam will have to rely on his Fangs of Anarchy brothers to help get him and Freya—and maybe a few others—through the chaos alive.

*Author note: Dear readers, this is part five of a five-part serial and not intended as a stand-alone read.

The Fangs of Anarchy 1-Forbidden Alpha Serial
Part 1-Alpha Down
Part 2-Girl Most Lycan
Part 3-Were in the World is Gannon Dodd?
Part 4–In The Zone
Part 5–Revelation

Fangs of Anarchy 2 Outlaw Alpha Serial
Part 1–Bound
Part 2–Undone
Part 3–Fugitives
Part 4–The Ultimatum 

My Review:

Anarchy Reigns Supreme!

The Fangs of Anarchy books are the only biker romances I’ve read completely through. Shocker, right? My reasons are fairly simple:

1. The others that I’ve attempted to read have been so similar to each other and it felt like I was reading the same book over and over again.

2. I need snark and angst. A lot of it. Mix it up with sex appeal and kickass characters and I’m a happy reader.

This final installment of Fangs Of Anarchy 2-Outlaw Alpha: Justified (Part 5) was a perfect ending to this serial. And believe me, it was a HUGE jawdropper. Huge! I like to think I’m fairly good at guessing the endings, but I never saw this one coming.

Throughout this serial, I fell deeper and deeper in love with these characters. Freya, Irish and even Angus. Why Angus? Because even a villain has to have a redeeming quality–even if it’s his sarcastic, assholish personality and diabolical mind.

I feel the need to mention this: You will become attached to these characters. Dakota Cassidy has a way of hooking you and reeling you into whatever world she’s writing in and there’s only one way out: Coming to the end and being emotionally drained with a book hangover that can only be cured by reading another.

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