From seven great authors comes seven captivating, romantic tales that will add something sweet and spicy to your Holiday Season.

A Cowboy for Christmas by Susan Fisher Davis: He’s always desired her-his best friend’s wife. Now he has a chance to make her his unless he’s just a stand-in for her late husband.

The Silver Bell Shifter by Robin Deeter: Riley Flowers moves to Wolf Junction, Nebraska, and is intensely drawn to sexy Calvin Lightfoot, but can she accept the shifter side of him and come to love the man within?

Mr. Christmas by Cynthia Knoble: When ‘Santa’ makes an undeliverable promise, Brooke loses her tight control on life. Is Mr. Christmas her dream come true, or just another lump of coal?

A River Jewel Christmas by Madison Sevier: Hunter Golde’s world is shattered. Can a seductive stranger repair her heart and show her the true meaning of Christmas?

Love on Village Lane by Jacqueline Anne: Rylan was captivated by Holly’s passion for Christmas and her Village Lane bakery. Will the workaholic risk his career for a chance at love?

Miracle on 3rd Street by Screaming Mimi: When a grinch threatens to ruin Sue’s Christmas, William may just be the Santa she needs to make it right.

Christmas Treasures by Sherri Good: Riley Miller’s holiday spirit has deserted her, but a longtime friend has a plan.
An empty nest, unrequited love, and a Christmas treasure hunt, what could go wrong?

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#NewRelease: Out-Foxxe’d Is Live

Markus Foxxe is in Eriewood for one reason. His boss wants Rosie Peaks. He doesn’t know why and he shouldn’t care, but after meeting her, there’s no way Markus will hand her over to the highest bidder.

Rosie Peaks left DuFour, Indiana two years ago and found a safe haven away from all things paranormal. Working at Mulcahy’s Pub has been fairly uneventful. Until Markus Foxxe rolled into town in his silk suits with a primal sex appeal that makes her want to spend every night with him banging like a screen door in a hurricane. The only problem is, Rosie isn’t looking for a commitment and Markus seems as though he’s a one-mate kind of guy.

Will Markus change her mind? Or will Rosie find herself on the run again?

Amazon UK:
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Amazon print:…/…/d/1976419573/ref=tmm_pap_title_0…



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Raine #PreOrder Is LIVE & WIN $100 GC


cherry coo**8** at yahoo… CONGRATS <3 Stay tuned for another contest starting soon <3

The baby is coming!! And we’re at the end of this series. **sobs** But don’t worry. New characters have arrived in this one and their story will be told later this year. It’s tough to say it’s the end, but on to new beginnings <3 Thank you for following Kallie and Hank as their story grew. I hope I’ve given them the life they deserve.

Check it out and follow me on BookBub.

Well, Smoky Mountain Raine, book three in my Smoky Mountain Escapes series is almost here. Hooray! I know it’s been a long time coming and I hope all of you will like it. **bites nails** You’ll meet new characters and enjoy a bonus peek into their lives at the end of Raine. Hope it’s been worth the wait 🙂 As a token of my appreciation for your patience (2 long years) and adoration (because you ROCK), I’m offering one lucky reader  a chance (chosen by Rafflecopter) to receive a $100 GC for being such AWESOME fans. There are only a FEW tasks to do and no major hoops.


****BONUS POINTS: EMAIL ME A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR PREORDER AT madisonsevier9 at and get 20 extra entries.

Here’s a bit about Smoky Mountain Raine:

Kallie and Hank are all set and ready to have their baby in a few weeks. However, Hank needs to go on a research trip with their longtime friend and firefighter, Mitch Larke. While Hank is higher up in the mountains with Mitch, the unthinkable happens– A fierce storm with gusty winds reignites the smoldering embers at the Chimney Tops. Kallie is stuck at home alone with no way to escape the fires roaring across the Smokies. Will he and Mitch get away from the Chimney Tops in time? Will Hank make it home to save his wife and unborn child from the fires roaring through their mountain home? It’ll take more than a miracle to save them this time.  



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Grab the first book in this series for FREE for a limited time:





Hope you enjoy Kallie and Hank’s final book <3




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#Renegade Contests and Goodies

Hello, Romance Readers <3

We’ve got a few things happening for you right now. These contests are open up until the night of the party on April 12th. Yes, Renegade releases on April 5th, but we’re giving you plenty of time to read Mason and Savannah’s story before it’s party time:) There are details inside the book you’ll need to know for a few giveaways. Just click on the links throughout the post for all of the details.

Please Join The Renegade Release Party

First up: PreOrder Contest #1 (For a chance to win a $50 GC and a Vera Bradley Laptop Cover)

                  PreOrder Contest #2 (For a chance to win “Toys In The Bag”–a cute bustier bag filled with toys for your and/or his pleasure. And a bottle of blue raspberry, warming massage oil.)

PreOrder Contest #3 (A chance to win a Renegade coffee mug)


Please Add Renegade to Your Goodreads Shelf

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Please Check Out This First Excerpt From Renegade


The Road Is His Future…

Longtime steel hauler, Mason Kaine, a.k.a. Renegade, only needed a few things to be happy. The whisper of his tires on that long ribbon of highway in front of him, money and a life with no complications. Being an Asphalt Cowboy means long, lonely hours on the road, dedication to the job and going wherever the loads are needed. Mason liked it that way. Meeting a feisty blonde whose allure is more potent than the finest Kentucky bourbon was not on his itinerary. He knows he should just walk away and leave the woman to deal with whatever mess she’s in. But can he really just leave her alone and injured at a truck stop when he knows she’s in way over her head?

She’s Running From Her Past…

Savannah Somers has been on the run and in hiding for more than four years. Working at a truck stop hundreds of miles from her former life, she’s been able to blend in and stay safe. That is, until two people from the world she left behind and Mason Kaine walk into her new life on the same day. With her past chomping at her heels and Mason Kaine’s scorching sex appeal, Savannah finds herself on a path with twice the danger and more than just her life at risk.

Can Savannah find the safety she’s always needed…in the arms of a man like Renegade?

Will Mason be able to save Savannah without finding himself chained to a lifetime of complications?

It’ll take more than one hot load to find out if they’ll make it together…for the long haul.

**Asphalt Cowboys Do It With Straps & Chains**

Hope to see you at the party and I’m sending truckloads of luck your way!



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#ReleaseDayBlast: Hell’s Phoenix by Gracen Miller

It’s FINALLY here, Hellhounds!
February 15, 2015
Road to Hell series #2

Hells become more than just a playground for the wicked…

Going to Hell was supposed to save Madison, but knowing she’s dead because of his failure leaves Nix with only one thing to live for. Revenge. With Micah’s help he learns to use his Messianic power. Anything for Mads has become his mantra, even if it means killing innocents to gather the power he needs to succeed. A tsunami he unleashes on a Gulf Coast city is stopped with magical interference, and Nix is more than surprised to feel Madison in the opposing magic. Can he and Micah set a trap to lure her out?

Pandoras Box…once you open it, there’s no turning back!

Madison has done the unthinkable, opened Pandora’s Box to save Nix from Hell. And failed. She’s willing to risk her own life to rescue Nix, but she worries about the welfare of her accomplice in the mission and leaving her son behind. Following up on a lead, she’s ambushed by Nix and Micah. Shocked and hurt to discover Nix has become a willing participant of Hell, she’s more certain than ever she won’t escape the demonic fate her husband outlined for her. While in Hell, she discovers denying the emergence of her succubus is futile, which means getting Nix out of Hell after embracing her inner demon just became a very real dilemma…

“You’ll heal her promptly,” Micah growled, shifting back into his human persona, as he offered his legs as a pillow for her head. She’d have pushed him away if she could’ve managed to contort her body to that angle.

Madison gaped at the blood darkening her jeans and spreading down her thigh. “That hurts way worse than I thought being shot would.”

“I need to get your pants off, Mads, to heal you.” Nix’s fingers went to the snap of her jeans.

She knocked his hands away. “You’ll heal the others first.”

“He shot the main artery in your thigh, Madison. You’ll bleed out before he finishes with them.” Micah compressed his lips together and spoke as if he ground his teeth together. “I’ve lost you twice. I will not lose you again.”

“Death would at least grant me freedom from you!”

Micah’s mouth flattened in displeasure. “Phoenix, I would ask you to do as she requests.”

“Goddamnit, Mads, I swear I’ll heal them immediately after I take care of you.”

Madison glared at Nix. “E kawoja ciok tauqelv.” I refuse your healing. Nix spewed curses in Xapil. “Impressive, you’ve learned how to curse in demon.”

Nix scowled. “Stubborn.”

Madison clenched her teeth in silent mutiny. Nix cupped the back of her head, tugged slightly and kissed her hard on the lips. Excitement zinged through her system. Her attraction to him always presented itself at the most inappropriate moments.

“I find that stubborn trait sexy, baby.”

“Flattery gets you nowhere, Nix.” She winced at the tug against her wounded flesh as he rested her against Micah’s thighs.

“What does?” Nix jerked the hem of one pant leg up and tugged the blade strapped to her ankle out of its harness.

“Good deeds.”

He brandished the knife he’d given her for her thirtieth birthday and grinned. “Does healing them count?”


Nix rolled to his feet and leveled her with his stare. “You’re a hard woman to please.”

“Cease the flirtations with my wife.” Micah’s grip on her shoulders intensified. “Heal those bottom-feeders, and then heal her.”

Gracen is a hopeless daydreamer masquerading as a “normal” person in southern society. When not writing, she’s a full-time basketball/lacrosse/guitar mom for her two sons and a devoted wife to her real-life hero-husband of over twenty years. She has an unusual relationship with her muse, Dom, but credits all her creative success to his brilliant mind. She’s addicted to writing, paranormal romance novels and movies, Alabama football, and coffee…addictions are not necessarily in order of priority. She’s convinced coffee is nectar from the gods and when blending coffee and writing together it generates the perfect creative merger. Many of her creative worlds are spawned from coffee highs and Dom’s aggressive demands. Gracen writes is multiple genres—paranormal romance, paranormal erotic romance, and contemporary romance. To learn more about Gracen or to leave her a comment, visit her website at    

TWITTER: @GracenMiller
You must read the first book in the series, Pandora’s Box, before reading Hell’s Phoenix, as the series builds upon itself.

Pandora’s Box
only .99 cents
for a limited time!

Sexy Holiday Cheer For Any Occasion: Hunter’s Fortune

A bit of holiday cheer wrapped up in this…

Hunter’s Fortune, River Jewel Resort: Book 2 

Welcome to the River Jewel Resort—where fantasy becomes reality! 

After Hunter Golde’s father died, she became President of his company; one she never truly wanted. Having such big shoes to fill has put Hunter in an impossible situation. With stockholders who’ve never believed in her and who were just waiting for Hunter to mess up, she’s had to be tough on everyone, including herself. 

She soon learns that someone has embezzled a sizeable chunk of her assets. Hunter must find a way to bring the thief to justice before she ends up losing it all and has a company-wide mutiny on her hands. 

With her life in shambles and no one to comfort her, Hunter leaves town, in the hopes that her lawyer can get the financial mess sorted out. When her plans to hide out at her family’s cabin fall apart, she finds herself at the mystical River Jewel Resort where she’s reminded that money isn’t the only important thing in life. 

When she’s confronted with her past and reminded of her present troubles, Hunter realizes she’s been missing more than several million dollars. Lee Michaels, with his rugged good looks, and seemingly perfect life, make Hunter crave the two things having money could never provide; the two things she’s never truly had. 

Can the River Jewel Resort show her that it’s never too late to change the future? Or will Hunter Golde remain true to the fortune that life has already given her? 


Hunter drifted in a sea of warmth as thick but smooth hands caressed her.
Soft lips kissed her neck and whispers caressed her ear, “You taste of vanilla and honey.”
Whimpers and moans escaped her as the man’s capable fingers slid in and out of her slick core, playing her like a soft ballad that only the man could hear.
“Do you know how beautiful you are?”
Though Hunter could feel and taste him, she couldn’t see his face. She knew his voice and his familiar touch. He’d visited her dreams before, but never like this. Hunter melted into his touch as his soft strokes carried her over the edge.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled against the rough but comforting whiskers on his jawline.
She trailed kisses down his neck as he pinched her nipples, making them ache with need when he let go of them. The burning sensation lit her from the inside out and she craved more. Placing her palms against his chest, she rolled him over with ease. Straddling him, Hunter flicked her tongue across his chest, kissing licking, teasing. He wrapped his hands in her long, dark locks as she slid down the length of his body.
“How did you find me?” She kissed one muscular thigh and then the other.
“I’ll always find you. You call to me every night.”
“Who are you?” Hunter wrapped her lips around the tip of his hard shaft and suckled.

The man’s breathing became labored, she felt him tense up as she inched closer to the prize. “You know who I am” he whispered. “You wished for me.”

Available on Amazon 

Guest Post with Tory Richards!!

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Today, we have a very special guest. She’s is someone I admire and adore. She’s an amazing author and I’m very lucky to call her my friend. Please welcome, the fabulous Tory Richards and check out the newest cover for her latest book in the Serve and Submit Series…

Serve and Submit Series
By Tory Richards
Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a published author of erotic romance that includes suspense, adventure, humor, and the paranormal. Serve and Submit is my first series, and each 6000-7000 word erotic story is stand alone with a hero who serves the public in some way. These stories are deliciously hot. Designed for readers who don’t have time to read a long romance, or maybe they’re waiting for an appointment in an office somewhere and just want to kill time. Either way, they’ll get that afternoon quickie they’ve fantasized about with a cop, a fireman or a Marine. Seriously, it was a fun series to write and I’ve just finished the 5th and final story, Lovers, which comes out July first. Party Time just came out and is available at Amazon.
Party Time (book 4) – RJ is a Marine, home on leave. Georgia is the woman he gave up before his last deployment. They run into each other at a party and soon realize they still have feelings for one another. As they take up where they left off they have little time to decide, will they say goodbye for good this time, or accept that they belong together?
Pulled Over (book 1) – What starts out as a normal afternoon drive home for Sunny turns into a steamy encounter between her and a cop after she’s pulled over for an expired tag, and burned-out taillight. She can’t afford a ticket. What’s a girl to do?
On Fire (book 2) – Faith has been horny for Dean since he moved into her apartment building, two doors down. She caught him eyeing her while sun-bathing at the pool one day, and thought he was interested in her, too. But it takes a fire in her kitchen for the hunky fireman to finally act on their mutual attraction.
Under Cover (book 3) – Vacationing in England, Lucie and her friends are finally at Buckingham Palace. What starts out as a harmless tease in front of one of the stone-faced, palace guards soon turns into the real thing when he hunts her down to finish what she started!
Lovers (book 5) – The last story in this series is a continuation of the lusty romance between Navy SEAL, Bishop and kindergarten teacher, Angel. If you loved Bishop’s Angel you won’t want to miss this next chapter in their lives. (Due out 7/1)
Tory Richards website
Oh by the way, if you go to my website and look under the post Wicked Nights Blog Hop you’ll find a coupon for a free download of Pulled Over, good until 6/10.
Thank you so much for letting me be a guest on your blog today, Madison.  It’s been fun!

 Thank YOU, Tory! I hope we’ll see you again soon. My door is always open for you.

READERS: Hurry on over and grab your coupon from Tory’s site. you don’t want to miss out. I’ve got my copy and plan on reading it this weekend. Feel free to tell your friends!

COVER REVEAL!! Kendall Grey Presents… HOT BLOODED

Thanks so much for stopping by! Today, we have an incredibly delicious treat for you! Kendall Grey‘s newest book will be out soon and I’m one of the lucky bitches who get to share the cover reveal with all of you! So, stop listening to me babble and scroll on down!

If Robert Rodriquez (Sin City), Tony Soprano, and David Lynch (Twin Peaks) made sweet love to a Hawaiian version of The Bride (Uma Thurman’s character from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill), the resulting spawn might look like Kendall Grey’s upcoming mystery/suspense/supernatural thriller, HOT-BLOODED.
The first installment in the Ohana series, HOT-BLOODED is set on the island of Maui and is wrapped in the light and dark watercolors of Hawaiian culture, history, and mythology. It’s about guns, drugs, surfing, and tiki monsters. HOT-BLOODED tells the tale of a ballsy, half-Hawaiian angel-turned-demon, the duplicitous assassin who falls for her, and the blessings and curses of family—all wrapped up in freaky, supernatural gift paper.
Here’s the description:

WARNING: HOT-BLOODED does NOT end with a happily ever after. It contains drug use and graphic sex, language, and violence. The story is intended to entertain, not to condone or glorify illegal or immoral activities. This book is unsuitable for sensitive readers and those under the age of 18.
*Written in 3rd person. Contains a massive cliffhanger and multiple POVs.

Ohana is everything…
When an accident claims her mother’s life, Keahilani Alana must take charge of her ohana (family) or risk losing what little they have. With an underage brother to care for and no education, she has few options. The door to a heavenly hellish opportunity opens when she stumbles upon a valuable secret her mother left behind on the slopes of an extinct volcano—a legacy that tempts the family with riches beyond their wildest dreams. But the secret is much bigger and more sinister than they realize. As reality unravels and exposes eerie truths about the ohana that should have remained deep under the mountain, Keahilani must either resist the call of her blood or risk being consumed by its darkness.
Blake Murphy is an assassin working to infiltrate a new Hawaiian cartel. His investigation reveals that Keahilani, the sexy surfing instructor he pegged as an informant, is much closer to the drug ring than he thought. Passion ignites between them in the bedroom, but their ironclad ties to opposing interests pit them against each other everywhere else.
When tensions reach the breaking point and her ohana is threatened, the only cure for Keahilani’s hot-blooded fury is a loaded clip with a body bag chaser.
They don’t call her Pele for nothing.
Here’s the cover, designed by Renee Coffey:

So, are you up for a steamy, violent descent into tropical-island madness with a supernatural twist? If so, you can add HOT-BLOODED to your Goodreads TBR here. The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but Kendall is shooting for the end of June or early July. Stay tuned!
You can stalk Kendall on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, or her web site.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the official release date for this one! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Blog Tour: The Riding Master by Alexandrea Weis

Title: The Riding Master
Author: Alexandrea Weis
Release Date: April 26, 2014
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Quirky, reclusive, and unwilling to trust, Rayne Greer is a woman anxious to avoid interacting with anyone other than her horse, Bob. After her divorce from the wealthy, arrogant, and much older Foster Greer, Rayne returns to the world of horses she loved as a child. Concentrating only on her work as a lab technician and her riding, she insulates herself from men, until she meets the handsome new riding master of Southland Stables. Hired to supervise Rayne and the other riding instructors, Trent Newbury is bold, competitive, and from the moment he meets Rayne, determined to have her.  Rayne thinks the man with the striking gray eyes is just another playboy out for a good time with women and little else. But Trent has something other men do not; a patient and methodical plan for taming the skittish Rayne and gaining her elusive trust.
After corralling her to dinner, Trent asks her a series of questions about her past. Rayne ever so slowly opens up and tells Trent of the heartache over the loss of her father and sister. Trent’s interrogation includes questions about sex, making Rayne uneasy. Sex was never something she enjoyed or was very good at, but for some reason, Trent makes her feel comfortable and she learns to confide in him. Trent begins eating away at her defenses. After an impassioned kiss, he awakens an untapped desire in Rayne; something she never thought she possessed.
Despite Rayne’s wishes to keep the relationship platonic, Trent relentlessly pursues her. He also encourages her to move forward with her riding and return to the show ring despite a long absence. Gaining her confidence inside and outside of the riding ring, Rayne feels ready to take the next step with Trent. One morning, after a somewhat disastrous date, Rayne gives herself to him. But the encounter is short-lived when a phone call from her ex, Foster, interrupts their lovemaking. Rayne’s mother, the cantankerous and cold Estelle Masterson has fallen and is in the hospital.
Trent takes Rayne to Dallas Presbyterian Health Center and meets her mother and ex-husband. Rayne is mortified that the man is being exposed to the uncomfortable parts of her past, especially the long history of alcoholism Rayne has had to endure from her mother, Estelle.
Trent offers a shoulder for Rayne to lean on, adding to her desire for him. She has been alone for a long time in life, and with Trent she feels she has found a kindred spirit. But doubts still plague her, especially when facts about Trent’s philandering past come to light. Trent Newbury has had a long line of women in his bed, giving Rayne pause. When Rayne discovers Trent’s involvement with his former boss, Lisa Shelby the owner of Shelby Stables where he worked as riding master, she begins to question his intentions for her.
But Trent swears he has found something special in Rayne, and promises to be loyal to her. As Rayne slowly succumbs to his gentling of her heart, Trent introduces her to a new world of passion. Sexually inexperienced despite her eight years of marriage, Trent shows Rayne new ways to awaken her sexual self. Taking control in bed and having her submit to his pleasure, Rayne learns to let go and enjoy being dominated by a man whose sexual appetites are more than she had ever imagined.
Falling for Trent, she allows him in her life and takes his advice to return to the show ring. He enters her in an upcoming horse show and works with her and Bob to get ready. Rayne feel she has found the best of both worlds, a boyfriend and trainer. When Trent invites her for a weekend away to attend a party given by his friend, Tyler Moore, Rayne accepts, happy their relationship is gaining ground.
The night of the fancy party at Tyler’s Moore’s swank Highland Park home makes Rayne feel like a princess, and when she meets Tyler’s wife, the famous author Monique Delome, she discovers a friend. After the party, the couple arrive at the posh Jule Hotel where Trent has arranged for their special weekend to begin. There, he gives her the key to his home, asking her to be a part of his life. Overjoyed, Rayne agrees.
After their weekend, Rayne is anxious to tell her friend at work, Lindsey, about Trent’s offer of a committed relationship. Lindsey encourages Rayne to take another step forward and give Trent her house key, so he will feel she is earnest about her desire to make things work between them. Deciding to surprise Trent with her key, she goes to his house and when she walks in, finds a woman naked and dripping wet in his living room. The owner of Shelby Stables and Trent’s former lover, Lisa Shelby, tells Rayne how she has worked her way back into Trent’s life. When Trent walks in and finds the two women, he denies any wrongdoing, but it is too late. Rayne’s trust has been shattered and she ends their relationship.
Things go from bad to worse when her mother’s health quickly deteriorates. Years of alcohol abuse have left Estelle with a bad liver and a lot of debt, compounding Rayne’s heartache. Desperate for escape, Rayne buries herself in her riding and continues to prepare for the coming show Trent so ardently pushed for her to compete in.
The day of the horse show is difficult for Rayne, having to confront Trent about their relationship and work with him as the riding master of her stables. He vows they are not finished, but Rayne disagrees. Carrying on, Trent prepares her for her jumping event, adding to Rayne’s frazzled nerves. But when she enters the show ring, everything with her life, Trent, her mother, and her ex go to the wayside and she is able to jump a glorious round and be in contention for a ribbon.
   When Rayne exits the show ring she is greeted by an unexpected visitor, her mother. Estelle has spent her life avoiding her daughter’s love of horses, but now, encouraged by Trent, she has come to the show to support Rayne. She admits Trent has helped her to see her daughter in a new light and wants a chance to mend things between them. She tells Rayne that Trent needs another chance, too.
When Rayne discovers she has won the blue ribbon, she wants nothing more than to share it with Trent. Finding him on the show grounds she confesses her love for him, but he is not entirely convinced. In a last act of desperation, she shouts out her love for him, drawing the attention of all those at the horse show. Now convinced, Trent takes her back to the tack room in the stables, where they celebrate their renewed commitment.
In the end, Rayne finally finds contentment with a man she can truly call her “riding master.”      
Amazon Link
Goodreads Link

Author’s Bio: 
Alexandrea Weis is an advanced practice registered nurse who was born and raised in New Orleans. Her first novel, To My Senses, introduced readers to the world of Nicci Beauvoir and garnered numerous awards and rave reviews. Her popular second Nicci Beauvoir novel, Recovery, won the Gold Medal for best romantic suspense from The Reader’s Favorite Book
Awards 2011, and was named best Romantic Suspense novel by the Spring 2011 NABE
Pinnacle Book Awards. Her fourth novel,
Broken Wings, won best Contemporary Romance by the NABE Pinnacle Book Awards in 2012, was a Silver Medal winner in the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards for Romance, as well as a finalist in the Reader’s Favorite Book Awards for Contemporary Romance for 2012. Her last novel, Acadian Waltz received honorable mention at the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards for Best Contemporary Romance and was a Best Southern Fiction Finalist. A permitted wildlife rehabber with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, Weis rescues orphaned and injured wildlife. She lives with her husband and pets in New Orleans. 

Madison’s Place is currently reading this novel and will be posting a review soon. So far, I’m loving this story! I’ll be sad when it ends, but oh so pleased because this story has been a blessing to read.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

#ReleaseDay for Dakota Cassidy: An American Werewolf In Hoboken (Wolf Mates Book 1) AND A #Giveaway !!

Happy Release Day to the Queen of Rom-Com, Dakota Cassidy! Let me just say that it is an incredible honor to be a part of this momentous occasion!!  At last, An American Werewolf In Hoboken has arrived. But first, a little bit about the author, Dakota Cassidy:

Dakota Cassidy is the national bestselling author of more than a dozen books of contemporary and paranormal romance. She lives for a good laugh in both her life and her writing.

Her goals are simple: banish the color yellow forever, create world peace via hot rollers and Aqua Net, and nab every tiara in the land by competing in the Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss World pageants. And of course, write really funny, sexy, romantic books!

Dakota lives in Oregon with her dogs and her husband, who puts the heroes in her books to shame. She loves, loves, loves to connect with readers, so visit her online at:

Stop by her Facebook, 

Or follow her on twitter @DakotaCassidy 

Join her newsletter THE TIARA DIARIES here (cut and paste the URL) for monthly contests, excerpts only available to subscribers, and more!


And now…the book!!

You’ve probably figured out that I absolutely love Dakota’s books. This particular story was on my TBR for a very long time. When I still lived in Ohio a few years ago, before I became a reviewer for various sites, I spent a very long time storming book stores searching for this very book. At the time, I didn’t have an e-reader. I had no clue about Amazon or Ebay and there wasn’t a store around that had this book on their shelf…ANYWHERE. I couldn’t even find it in a used book store or at a garage sale. Yeah, I was desperate! I’d read every other book by Dakota…except this one. I NEEDED this book. Readers, I know you understand…”The Need”. It doesn’t let you sleep, eat or function. You walk around in a stupor dreaming of “the book” and you will not rest until you get your fix!

When all of the normal avenues of my manic scrambling failed, I was distraught. Seriously. And I drove my family insane. “Dakota this” and “Dakota that”. What was I going to do? My husband said “Why don’t you just ask her where you can find a copy?”


There was no way on Earth that I could possibly ask an author, a REAL author a question! I mean, really? They’re busy. They have lives, glamorous lives full of fancy-author-to-do-list things and answering an email from a silly, stressed out, desperate-to-find-a-book fan was not one of their top priorities, right? I was so positive that my email would go unnoticed, unanswered. And could I put myself out there like that? I literally had a pseudo-teenage-drama meltdown about it.

I know, I know. It was just an email. What was my problem? Well, to be honest…back then, I was terrified of taking chances. After weeks of stewing over what I was going to do…or not do, I finally did it. I sent the email and lightning didn’t strike me. The sky didn’t open up and rain poor defenseless animals down upon my head. But, Dakota answered! She actually answered. In that moment, I learned my lesson about “not judging books by their covers”. Although, some covers are smokin’ hot and you should look those over quite often and judge them repeatedly 🙂

To a young woman who had read every single book she’dever written…except for what I started referring to as “my holy grail”…this was a major deal. After years of not reading, Dakota’s books had become my gateway-book-drug-fix and no other book would do until I could read this elusive story. To find out that she was nice, sweet, humble and had the time to answer some strange woman from small-town Ohio, it was the epitome of all that was awesome. 

She told me where to get the book and said that if I still couldn’t get a copy to let her know. And after I stopped gushing and squealing like a school girl (okay, maybe I never stopped doing either of those things), I rushed right out to get my hot-lil’-hands on my very own copy. Of course, I read it in one sitting and then passed out like I’d been on a bender intoxicated by words. 

So, why did I tell you all of this instead of getting right to the book info? Because it’s important. Dakota Cassidy’s writing may be fictional but it also treats you like a friend. You can find comfort, happiness and hilarity in all of her adventures. All of these things…we ALL need. And though we all know our occupations aren’t “who we are”…Dakota is definitely a lot like her own work and she is a lot like you and me. If you need further convincing, read her bio again 🙂

My review: ( I’m not big on spoilers, so this is my round-a-bout opinion of this book and her writing.)

Dakota has written another phenomenally entertaining story with humor, love and grit! Whether her books are paranormal or every-day-normal, Dakota Cassidy nails it every time. Her plots flow smoothly and never lag. Character development in this book is above par as is the chemistry, emotion and humor. I couldn’t find one thing that I didn’t like about this book and I will read it again. Luckily, I have the old and the new version…which makes me one happy lady!

Like her other books, this story pulled me in and didn’t let go. Dakota has a way of writing that all authors strive to have, but not all of them can achieve. Honestly, she makes it look so easy! She gives us stories that make us feel as though we ARE one of the characters and I became JC, a woman in search of a furry, little bundle of independent joy to adopt, who in-turn gets a lot more than she bargained for. 

I really enjoyed this version of Wolf Mates Book 1. It was great to see more added to this story. This family literally cracks me up!

I immediately loved “Fluffy” and wished I really could’ve been the one to adopt him. From his mangy hair to his beastly growl, I’d have to have him if he were in our animal shelter. 


Throughout the entire book, I found myself laughing outloud (a lot) at the dialogue from JC and Max–both internal and external as well as with the various secondary characters. Everything JC said, I thought sounded just like something I’d say. The things she did…I’d do. Because JC is relatable. To me that is the most important thing about a book. Even in its fictional greatness, I want to find a connection immediately and of course, I found one in An American Werewolf In Hoboken. Character development in this book is above par as is the chemistry, emotion and humor. I couldn’t find one thing that I didn’t like about this book and I will read it again. Luckily, I have the old and the new version…which makes me one happy lady!

If you are one of the last people on the planet to have never read one of Dakota’s books, you need to get busy. You are seriously missing out on some quirky, fun banter and hot hunks who can’t help but fall in love with some sexy, strong women. I know all of you dream of stories that hook you and won’t let go…well, wake up and buy An American Werewolf In Hoboken. Get your book-fix satiated with JC and Max. You won’t be sorry. 

Previously released in 2006, it is now available with revisions, a smokin’ new cover and it’s been expanded…there’s more glorious hotness that you don’t want to miss! From chicken soup with Aunt Eva to the cold and lonely dog pound, each page is a delight to turn.

Check out the blurb:

Wooing a life mate can be hard enough for a wolf, wooing one while under the threat of a curse even more so.

Wooing a mate while pretending to be her dog? Nearly impossible.

After being drugged and captured by Animal Control, Max Adams is on Hoboken’s doggie death row when his life mate adopts him, takes him home, and promptly names him Fluffy. While JC, in all her new-pet-owner-ness, feeds “Fluffy” vile kibble, dresses him in mortifying dog couture, and schedules to have his manhood removed, Max’s human side gets to know JC. Especially in the biblical sense. Hopefully well enough to make her fall madly in love, mate with him under the full moon, and move with him to Cedar Glen to live happily every after forever and ever amen. And fast.

Because the curse comes with a deadline…and the clock is ticking.

Now, tell me you are not hooked already??
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Last but not least, thank you so much, Dakota! You’ve not only given us books that have been an absolute pleasure to read, but you’ve supplied all of us book whores with scrumptious, fun romance for so many years! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your re-release party…it’s been so incredibly fun!