Coffee Diaries: October 2016


October 2, 2016

As you can see I’ve got a fabulous new logo. Graphics created by AWT Cover Designs and the tagline was created by fellow author and friend, Wendi Zwaduk. Isn’t it beautiful? It truly brings together everything that’s been a part of my publishing swag and career since 2010. It ties it all up nicely in a bright mug with a heart and I’m truly in love with it. Many thanks to both of those ladies for giving me something that I’ve been looking for for years. Mwah!

A Coffee Review:

The new Starbucks Mocha Caffè Lattè kit available at select stores.

Not one of my favorites by a long shot. This is a very sweet–think hot chocolate with a splash of coffee–sweet. My first attempt doesn’t really make me want to try again, but I’ll make it with less of the sweetened mocha mixture and see how it goes.

I also bought a bag of the Chiapas blend from #Starbucks a few weeks ago. Again, not really a favorite of mine. For being a medium roast, I felt it was much too dark for me and I prefer the Kopelani blend above it. Nothing I’ve tried has topped that Kopelani and now I know why it sells out so quickly. I’ll be double or triple stocking up next year. As of now, I still have six bags of it and I will be making it stretch as long as possible.

That’s it for this musing. Hope you’re all enjoying these first days of Fall ♡ Until next time,


♡ Madison♡

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