Coffee Diaries: August 2016

August 14, 2016

My newest obsession is the Kopelani Blend from Starbucks.


I’ve been stockpiling this seasonal life force since its release. A smooth, rich and never bitter goodness that’s very pleasing to the palate. Dark roast isn’t usually my favorite, but this time–it’s well worth stepping outside of my comfort zone. 

On a side note, I’ve released Phoenix, Asphalt Cowboys 2 early at All Romance. Some of you might ask why…Well, this book has brought more than its fair share of hurdles and obstacles. Many of those began back in March and hadn’t let up until about four days ago. The paperback version should be available this week also. Until then, if you’d like to have the ‘look’ of the paperback with a lower price–I suggest ordering it from All Romance:

Their site allows a few things other retail sites don’t and i’m really pleased with the version that’s for sale there. Right now, the price is still 99 cents, but that ends after its official release week and will be $2.99. Renegade’s price will also go to its intended price.

No rest for the wicked…I’ve gotta get back to work. Feel free to drop me an email or find me on Facebook if you have any questions–or if you just want to say hi <3



July 25, 2016


Howdy, y’all ♡  Thanks for stopping by to check out this newest edition to my site. As you all know, I use the Sevier-ly Addicted to Romance tab to promote other authors as often as possible. Here, on this page, is where you’ll find occasional ramblings, recipes, updates or just some harmless fun from me.

We all see how crowded and sometimes down right cruel Facebook can be. I don’t know about you, but for myself, it’s often too much emotion to deal with. I do love visiting all of you there, so I won’t be leaving. (No such luck for those who wish otherwise. **evil grin**). However, I’ll be posting here more often. 

A few days ago, I came across that mug pictured at the top of this post and I couldn’t deny myself the instant gratification of owning yet another mug. But that didn’t stop me from also grabbing this one over the weekend. I mean, it’s gorgeous! How was I, an admitted #CoffeeQueen and mug hoarder, supposed to walk away from this?


See what I mean? Now, tell me a little about yourself? Besides books, what types of things are your must-have items? I’ll check back to chat with you about them. For now, I have more work to get done with the #AsphaltCowboys. I can’t wait for you to meet all of them. Have you preordered your copy of Phoenix yet?


If not, you can grab your copy here:


Barnes & Noble:

If you’ve read RENEGADE, Asphalt Cowboys 1, I’d love it if you could leave an honest review. Also, in my Facebook group, Sevier Addicts, I’m choosing a random person to receive a Burse by Ammy after we’ve reached fifty reviews. Just my way of saying thank you for your support. If you haven’t joined, feel free to hop on over and check us out. See you soon!


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