#NewRelease: SAM by Susan Fisher-Davis

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Check out the newest HOT release from Susan Fisher-Davis. SAM is here and he’s like no other sheriff you’ve ever met.

Everyone tells Sheriff Sam Garrett to find a good woman and settle down. When he sets his sights on Clifton’s veterinarian, he fears she despises him yet he’s desired her from the first moment they met. She is quite possibly the only woman in town who isn’t attracted to him which might be why he wants her even more.

Tessa McGuire has a secret and she fears anyone learning it, especially Sam who she can’t seem to resist even though she knows she should. After arresting her for outstanding warrants, desire fuels their mutual needs to the point where neither can resist its pull. Once they start seeing each other, she’s happier than she’s ever been but knows she should tell him the truth.

Tessa wants Sam to be happy, but wanting him for her own is dangerous because her secret could change everything… When her secret comes out, Tessa’s life and hopes fall apart, possibly putting everyone around her in danger. What once was a hopeful relationship with Sam comes to a heartbreaking end. Now can she win him back and save what they had?

Excerpt From Sam:

Sam blew out a breath and took a seat in one of the wingback chairs in front of the desk. He watched her walk around her desk and sit down. She shuffled papers around to find the folder she wanted and then proceeded to make notes on a sheet of paper she’d removed. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was exquisite, even wearing her glasses. The red blouse was unbuttoned just enough to where he was able to see the tops of her breasts. Shit! His dick hardened. When he raised his eyes to her face, he found her looking at him. A small smile lifted her lips.

“You’re evil as fuck and slowly killing me…and you know it, Tessa,” Sam muttered. Her husky laugh had him wanting to jump the desk, lay her across it, and have his way with her. She stood and walked around the desk and sat on the edge of it across from him. He swallowed hard.

“I don’t want to kill you, Sam. That would be such a waste,” she said in a low voice.

He couldn’t take his eyes off those long legs. When she raised one and placed a red stiletto clad foot on the arm of his chair, he about came right there. He could see under her skirt to the small strip of lace barely covering her. His eyes met hers. Tessa leaned toward him and ran her hand over his shoulder and he almost died when she raised the other leg and placed her foot on the other side of him. His dick wanted to explode. Those red stilettos were killing him. Without taking his eyes from hers, he wrapped his hands around each ankle and grinned when he felt her shiver. He slowly moved his hands up her calves, to behind her knees, and up her thighs then he stood and moved between her legs. Leaning toward her, he placed his lips on her neck. When his fingers ran along the elastic in her panties, she moaned.

“Are these new, Tessa?” he asked as his finger pulled on the elastic.

“No,” she said breathlessly.

       “Good,” he whispered right before he ripped them from her, making her gasp.


Susan is an Amazon best-selling author. She was born and raised in Cumberland, MD. and moved to Tennessee in 1996 with her husband and they now live in a small town outside of Nashville, along with their two rescued dogs.

“JAKE” is the first book of eight in The Men of Clifton, Montana series. Although, writing for years, she never submitted to publishers. It was in 2014 that she decided to submit to publishers and received several offers and signed a three year contract with Secret Cravings Publishing. Recently, SCP closed their doors and Susan was approached by several publishers and now publishes through Blue Whiskey Publishing.

She is a huge Nashville Predators hockey fan. She also enjoys fishing, taking drives down back roads, visiting Gatlinburg, TN and Cherokee, NC.

Her second series, The Bad Boys of Dry River will consist of six books, beginning with “LUCAS”. Although Susan’s books are a series, each book can be read as standalone books. Each book will end with a HEA and a new story beginning in the next one. Some epilogues may give a preview to the next book. Characters from each book will interact. Susan is working on another series, The Callahans, which will consist of three cousins. She would love to hear from her readers and promises to respond to all.

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