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Welcome to the fangtastic Wicked Reads Blog Hop! Hope you’re having a howling good time 😉 It’s that sexy and spooky time of year that we all love so much! I LOVE a good ghost story, don’t you?

My upcoming release, Hunting the Headless Horseman (18+), gives an exciting and sexy new spin to what you’ve always believed to be true about Ichabod Crane. Who better to show his true colors than Rosie Peaks? Check out the blurb and an exclusive sneak peek below:



Your favorite investigative reporter is back with her newest humorous and sexy adventure!

After months of planning, Rosie Peaks was on her way to the great state of Washington for one of the most important monster events of the year. She could barely believe she’d finally be there for the creature’s annual appearance.

However, when her best friend and boss, Melanie Wickey, blasts her phone with news of an office emergency, Rosie must cancel her trip and return to DuFour, Indiana for the small town’s annual Sleepy Hollow Festival. In other words, Rosie will be spending the weekend in Halloween Hell.

The last thing she wants to do is spend two days surrounded by snot-nosed children in costumes and a town filled with a Pumpkin Spice fog covering her cozy town…all while being fondled by Ichabod Crane imposters. But her job and her newspaper depend on just that.

When Rosie finds out that Ichabod Crane is much more than some sinister myth that the townsfolk have used as a fundraiser for decades, she does everything she can to find the sexy, elusive spirit.

When the hunter becomes the hunted, the game might just turn her nightmare weekend into one of the best times of her life.

That is…If she can keep her head.



“Oh. Hell. No. I’m not gonna do it, Mel. Nope.”

“Rosie, this is the town’s second biggest event and the Ridge Top Review has to be there. There are certain duties that this office must perform each year or we don’t get paid. We need that money, Rosie and none of us can be there. That leaves you.”

The sound of her sobbing and begging was wearing me out. Pressing the mute button was a luxury I’d grown to love. Damn! With a deep sigh of defeat, I felt the pressure to return grow heavy. My friend and my newspaper needed me. The fact was, Melanie had put her neck on the line for me many, many times and I owed her. Washington would have to wait until next year.

“I’ll be there in a few hours, Mel. Close the office, go home and get some rest.”

“I’m so sorry, Rosie.”

“It’s not your fault, Mel. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything involving Sleepy Hollow and when you feel better, I’ll send you my dry cleaning bill. If this year’s festival is anything like last year’s, I’m sure those snot-nosed kids will have me covered in caramel and boogers quite a few times. Not to mention I’ll need to fumigate my house to get rid of the cloud of pumpkin spice that will follow me home. And if Timmy Evans, in his ridiculous Ichabod Crane costume and with his disgusting jokes, tries to dry-hump me in front of everyone again this year, I’m decking him this time. You’ve been warned.”

Raspy laughter followed by a round of coughs echoed across the speaker on my phone. Obviously Melanie, even in her sickly state, found all of that to be funny, but she’d never had to wash such disgusting substances off of her clothes after Timmy and his zipperless pants had walked away. The smell of fucking pumpkin spice everything all weekend long would fade, but not before it and Saturday’s preposterous festivities induced many… many migraines.

“And Mel, after this weekend, we’ll be even.”

“Noted. You know I love you, Rosie. Thank you.”

“Love you too. Talk to you soon, sweetie.”

Fucking Sleepy Hollow Fest…again.

18+ Excerpt:

With his overcoat already removed, my hands were able to feel strong muscular shoulders as I pulled him close to me. His eyes searched mine, silently pleading for a sign—an affirmation of my intentions. The warmth from the fireplace only fueled the desire between us. Heat and the need to feel alive became all-consuming and I pressed my lips to his, trying to kiss his sorrows away as he held me in his arms.

The real world seemed to fade away and he gingerly undid the buttons of my bodice. In turn, I made quick work of unbuttoning his pants, reaching inside to feel the weight of his cock in my warm hands. A slow moan of approval rushed from his lips and I caressed, slowly pumping him as our kisses deepened.

“My love, I’ve waited so long to have you beneath me again.” He pressed the length of his body firmly against my own before rising up on his knees as he straddled my hips.

“Get this off.” I begged as I sat up, grabbing the material of his dress shirt and ripped it wide open. The sound of plastic buttons bouncing off of various surfaces about the room joined the crackling of the fire and our heavy breathing.

Ichabod collapsed atop me, covering my neck and breasts in hot kisses as he tore away the last remnants of my dress, leaving me naked and open for his pleasure. His long hair, a soft, silken curtain tickled and teased my sides as he slowly, deliberately made his way past my waist and buried his face between my legs.

Rosie Peaks has no idea what’s in store for her this year, but she does know one thing…she wants YOU to win a $50 Amazon GC on Halloween. Here’s how you enter:

  1. Follow this link to Madison Sevier, Author, read and “like” the post.
  2. Pre-order Hunting the Headless Horseman
  3. Email me at madisonsevier@yahoo.com with “Headless Horseman” in the subject line with a screenshot or proof of your order and you’re entered. 

All eligible email addresses will be sent to Mr. Random and he will choose a winner at Midnight PST on Halloween. ONE winner will be notified by email on November 1, 2015. It’s like a spooky lottery ticket. For a buck you get a book AND a chance to win 50 bucks! Woot! After you’re finished here, click the link below to keep hopping.

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