#AuthoroftheMonth: Monday with Megan Slayer

July 20, 2015

Welcome back! Hope you had a great week and I really hope you hopped on over to grab some of Wendi Zwauk/Megan Slayer’s books.

Just in case you’re still not convinced (oh, the horror!), here are a few from Megan. These are two of my own personal favorites.

Rescuing Markas (Sanctuary, Book One) (Gay Shifter Romance)


The love of his life will bring out his roar.

John Dallas has lots of money, but no real direction in his life. He cares for lions at a local petting zoo where people can pay to pet the cubs. He’s heard stories and read about shifters—creatures who can shift from an animal form into a human form. Seeing the lions makes him wonder if those lions can shift. When he witnesses an act of cruelty to the lions, he finds his purpose in life—to save the lions.

Markas knows he can shift, but hasn’t yet. He’s fascinated by John and wants to shift in order to get to know the human better. But lions don’t last at the petting zoo past their third birthday. Once he’s at the age of being moved, he’ll lose his chance with John. Will John accept him his his human form? He’s determined to shift and snag the man of his dreams.

What will happen when the shifter and the human are thrown together by fate? White hot sparks.

Hotter in Zero (Zero, Ohio)


One Town. So many lives coming together.

Air traffic controllers, musicians, bartenders and so many more. Zero has them all, and, whether from a second chance, or a first meeting, the men of Zero show trust and love will prevail.

Come to Eight Ball bar, pull up a stool, and spend some time in this chilly town. These characters will warm the heart.

Zero, Ohio, where the temperatures can get below freezing, but the sex is smoking hot!

Holy hotness! If you’re a fan of Gay Romance, this is a MUST READ! I rarely give out entire reviews anymore, but I will say this…If I hadn’t been a fan of m/m romance before, Megan Slayer’s book would have been the ones to change my mind. She writes with more than a plot in mind. She writes with soul and passion. So much so that you cannot help but fall in love with the characters and places she creates. Are you looking for books that you’ll never want to end? These. Are. Those. Books.

You can grab your copies here:

Rescuing Markas (Sanctuary, Book One)

Hotter in Zero (Zero, Ohio)

Be sure to stop back and let me know what you think 🙂 And if at all possible, please leave an honest review when you’ve finished reading any author’s books. Your support and opinions mean so much to all of us.

Until next time, feed your addiction! Happy Reading!



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