Naked Cowboys from Desiree Holt! Naked Flame, Book 6



The newest in the Naked Cowboys series is finally here!

Check out this blurb:

The heat between them burns red hot…until danger turns it white.

Naked Cowboys, Book 6

Burned out from years in the Dallas PD, Charity Vance flees to Saddle Wells for a fresh start, someplace to lie low and decide what to do with the rest of her life.

Hanging out with her old college friend in the local bar, she can’t help but notice the sexy, brooding owner. She also notices he needs a waitress. Charity steps in to help—and steps right into his arms.

After two tours in Afghanistan, Liam Douglas has settled nicely into running his dad’s bar, but trying to keep decent help has been running him ragged. Accepting Charity’s help only adds fuel to their explosive chemistry. Although neither one of them wants a relationship, pretty soon they’re burning up the sheets.

When a drug lord Charity helped put away busts out of jail, Liam’s overprotective streak starts to feel more like the strings she didn’t want. And running seems to be the only option to save the town…and her heart. But leaving Liam is more difficult than she thought…especially when he won’t let her go.

**Warning: Contains a sexy, brooding man with a complicated past, a feisty heroine who thinks she’s in charge and sex hot enough to burn up the sheets.

You can find all of Desiree’s books on here: Desiree Holt

Don’t forget about the HUGE Multi-Author Party with Desiree on May 19th. Tons of prizes and plenty of naked cowboys…

May Facebook party


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Here’s the party link and lineup:

Desiree Holt’s Multi-Author Facebook Party

Tuesday, May 19th from 12-8pm Eastern time

Party Time

* Desiree will open and close and pop in occasionally to post

Kerry Adrienne – 12-12:20pm

Lizzie T. Leaf – 12:20-12:40p

Limoges – 12:40-1pm

Hester St. Jean – 1-1:20pm

Lily Vega – 1:20-1:40pm

Libby Waterford – 1:40-2pm

Angelita Gill – 2-2:20pm

Dominique Eastwick – 2:20-2:40pm

Kate Richards – 2:40-3pm

Cerise DeLand – 3-3:20pm

Cassandra Carr – 3:20-3:40pm

Brenna Zinn – 3:40-4pm

Mahalia Levey – 4-4:20pm

Susanne Saville – 4:20-4:40pm

Sara Daniel – 4:40-5pm

Elle Boon – 5-5:20pm

Rebecca Royce – 5:20-5:40pm

TL Reeve – 5:40-6pm

Tina Donahue – 6-6:20pm

Heather Long – 6:20-6:40pm

Madison Sevier – 6:40-7pm

D.L. Jackson – 7-7:20pm

Kayleigh Malcolm – 7:20-7:40pm

Erzabet Bishop – 7:40-8pm


Hope to see you there!



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